Rayados: Maxi Meza assures that they are “beaten” after elimination vs Santos

The Rayados del Monterrey were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 2021 Clausura Tournament of the MX League, after falling before Santos Laguna, a situation that left the Monterrey campus quite affected.

This is how he declared it Maximiliano Meza, midfielder of Monterrey, while leaving the facilities of the Neighborhood, because he assured that the affectation was noticed throughout the campus and it will take them a few days to recover from this situation.

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“The truth is that very hurt, everyone’s pain was noticed in the locker room. It will take a few days to get up from this blow, we felt that if we passed we could go very far “

Despite having finished in the top four of the general table, Maxi Meza pointed out that it is useless if they could not reach the final to fight for the title, because they ended up leaving empty-handed

“If we couldn’t get past Santos, personally it was useless. I felt it that way, that’s why that pain, now let’s hope that next semester I will continue to contribute what I do to help the team to achieve the goals we set for ourselves “

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