Rayados: Esteban Andrada arranged with Boca Juniors and will do preseason with Monterrey

In case of Esteban Andrada It seems to be gradually solving in favor of Rayados de Monterrey, since the Argentine goalkeeper would have already fixed his situation with Boca Juniors and could be joining the preseason he directs Javier Aguirre in the Riviera Maya.

According to information from Diego Medina, from TUDN, Rayados de Monterrey would have already paid the first part of the payment of Esteban Andrada’s token to Boca Juniors, so Xeneize would be giving the go-ahead for the signing of the goalkeeper’s contract.

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Once signed, Andrada would be officially announced by the board of La Pandilla and would be traveling to the Riviera Maya to join the beach work carried out by the royal team.

At the moment, Andrada is unable to give statements, wear any Mexican club clothing or do preseason with the team, since the agreement between both directives only stipulated that the goalkeeper traveled to Mexico to perform medical tests, which he successfully passed.

According to different reports, Andrada kept training on his own in Monterrey and is only waiting to receive his work visa in Mexico to be able to join the Monterrey beach preseason.

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