Just a couple of days ago it was reported that Disney would bring back the Darth Maul character for a new Star Wars spin-off series and with it actor Ray Park. However, it seems that the plans could be complicated after the accusations that Park received from her own daughter, in which physical and psychological mistreatment perpetuated by the actor is revealed.

The controversy began last night when a video with explicit sexual content appeared in Park’s verified Instagram account, where his wife Lisa is observed practicing oral sex. Although the clip was removed minutes later, the time it remained posted was enough for netizens to take screenshots, record and make memes about it making the actor a trend.

Many believed that the actor’s account had been hacked, but minutes later his daughter, Sienna Park, went to his social networks to ensure that said video was intentional and was part of a revenge against his mother in an attempt to publicly humiliate her. She also assured that both she and her brother have also received physical and psychological abuse from their father over many years.

« This man is crazy and deserves to be behind bars, » he said. My father is sick. If you support him or his work better stop following me. He has neglected me and my brother all his life and physically and mentally abused him. I no longer care about his reputation, he is disgusting and he should be locked up, but since he is an actor (not worth seeing) he is saved ».

Sienna went on to report that on three occasions she has called the police to do something about it, but nothing has happened.

« Now he publishes porn in revenge and he is sick, » he continued. « She said she would sell me as a sex slave and that she would kill me and my entire family if she called the police and threatened my mother and me with knives. I know everyone likes them for Star Wars, but it’s not the kind of person to support ».

Subsequently, a leaked Instagram conversation emerged in which Lisa Park, the actor’s wife, confirms that it was not a hack and that the video was intentionally published by the actor he called « disgusting. »

In social networks thousands of users spoke about it, some with reactions and memes and others with disapproving comments against the actor.

« Oh shit, Ray Park is trending, maybe the Maul series is really coming to Disney +, let’s see the announcement on Instagr … »

Me: Oh, Ray Park is trending. Will we have new Darth Maul footage?

When I click:… »

So far Ray Park has not spoken on any of its social networks and Disney has not commented on it.

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