Ray Clemence died, the English goalkeeper to whom Maradona could not convert the Goal of the Century that he later celebrated in Mexico 86

The United Kingdom, Europe and the world mourn the death of one of the best goalkeepers that the English team had throughout its history. Ray clemence, former figure of the Liverpool, Tottenham and the British national team passed away at the age of 72.

This was confirmed by England Football Association. The former goalkeeper had suffered advanced-stage prostate cancer since 2005 and on Sunday afternoon he died of the disease.

Clemence, one of the best archers of his generation, won three European Cups and five titles in the highest category of English football during a trophy-laden stay at the Liverpool. And its best version occurred in the decade of 80, when played 61 games with the England shirt and became the main rival of Peter Shilton, who accumulated 125 commitments.

He was one of the main protagonists who could observe the gestation of the Goal of the Century that Diego Maradona became the Mexico World Cup 86. Six years earlier, in a duel between Argentina and England, the star emerged from Fiorito he had improvised a fabulous scene that deserved to be concluded on the web. But his definition went to the post. When he arrived home after the European tour, his brother Lalo looked at him and said: “Why didn’t you dribble the archer?”

Thus, when Pelusa was in charge of the team led by Carlos Salvador Bilardo At the Azteca stadium, Diez had their revenge. “The genius of world football starts”, He assured Victor Hugo Morales as if it were an announcement of what would happen a few seconds later. The journalist knew that the Cosmic Kite could seal his best work in front of the British cast. Diego was also aware of it. And when he was in front of Peter shilton he remembered the recrimination his brother had given him. “This time I don’t miss it”, He thought … and with a hip movement he left the goalkeeper scattered and turned the most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cup. Without knowing it, Ray clemence He had taught him a lesson that would serve the best player of all time in the future.

Signed by 18,000 pounds ($ 23,000) from Scunthorpe by Bill shankly, Clemence was a key member of the team Liverpool what domino Europe between 1977 and 1981, and I also lift two UEFA trophies, a title of the FA Cup and one of the League Cup.

The players of the English team wore black armbands during their match of the UEFA Nations League against Belgium which ended with British defeat by 2 to 0 and they will pay tribute to him in the previous match against Iceland in the stadium Wembley next Wednesday.

It is with deep sadness that we write to let you know that Ray Clemence passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones”Said a statement from the family. “After fighting for a long time, he is now at peace and no more pain”, He closed the document signed by his wife Veronica, your son Stephen, who was a player and today is a coach, and his daughters Sarah and Julie.

The Liverpool He also expressed himself on his official Twitter account: “We are deeply saddened by the passing of one of the greatest archers of all time, Ray Clemence. Everyone’s thoughts at Liverpool Football Club are with Ray’s family and many friends”.

Finally, the Tottenham public: “We are deeply saddened to report the passing of legendary former archer Ray Clemence”. His name will be engraved in the golden pages of English football.


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