Ray allen he was never a common type. Owner of a special personality, his career passed with much individual and little group success between Milwaukee and Seattle until the Boston Celtics they traded for him in 2007. A year later, he became NBA champion alongside Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo as stellar companions. However, Allen has a bitter memory of his time with the Celtics and much is due to how he came out.

Guest of honor on Cedric Maxwell’s podcast, the guard said that “I left the Celtics because there were many unresolved problems that the team did not think or consider changing,” in addition to clarifying that “I left as a free agent.” Allen said that after his departure in 2011 from the team “I received a lot of hatred and death threats” at the same time that he regretted that “those guys (his former teammates) have removed me from the big three, they have said many bad things about me. We were brothers ”

Allen went deeper into that relationship by saying that “we have been through a lot together, but that does not change anything we have done. It has hurt a lot over time to hear some of the things they said about me, ”he said, since Allen ended up fighting publicly with Garnett and Rondo for leaving the Celtics to join the Miami Heat of LeBron James, maximum rivals of the Celtics at the time.

In addition, Allen stated that he could only reconcile with his former partners if he had a “heart to heart” talk with Garnett, despite the fact that KG said a while ago that he will not be the one to call Allen. Finally, when asked about the sayings of Doc Rivers, who stated that everyone should be celebrating together, the escort was blunt: “We are supposed to be celebrating,” but for the moment, that seems not to happen.