Raúl, upon learning of Tony and Claudia’s approach in ‘The island of temptations’: “Nobody plays with me”

On the night of Thursday, February 18, ‘The island of temptations’ broadcast its fifth installment on Telecinco, at which time one of the boys had the opportunity to see ten minutes live of what was happening in the girls’ villa. After being Diego James Lover the chosen one, the Cantabrian returned with his companions after seeing the repentance of his girlfriend, at which point shared with Raúl Ginés his concern after seeing his girlfriend, Claudia Acevedo, very close with Tony, one of the bachelors, whom she had even invited into her bedroom to dress up as a woman for one of her parties.

Hugo tries to comfort and reassure Raúl in ‘The Island of Temptations’

Before returning to his companions, Diego admitted that the one who had surprised him the most during the broadcast was Claudia, who had chosen to be more thrown when she saw how Raúl allowed himself to be licked on the neck during one of his games with the single women. « I was in his room with Tony. With that I have freaked out a bit, because Raúl would not even think of getting into the room with a temptation, » said the Cantabrian, who saw the couple « with connection. They were not separated. They were just looking at each other and at a short distance. It’s something I didn’t expect to see.  » « I think Raúl should worry about what I have seen, because honestly, that his girl goes alone to a room with a boy, even if it is to talk about whatever it is, it does not seem fair to what Raúl is doing here »said Diego, before sharing his concern with the affected person.

« Do not rush because it is still not serious, » Nahia, one of the single women, recommended to an affected Raúl, when Diego shared what he had seen with him: that Tony was very close to Claudia, both sitting on the bed , while they talked and even ended up dancing with a certain joke. « I don’t take any girl to bed, » Ginés protested, to which Nahia insisted that « if you have to see something, you will see it tomorrow. » « It has been a jug of cold water because I did not expect it at all. I am very sure of myself, I have always been, and here I have noticed that I am weaker than I thought », declared the canary, before the cameras. During his anger, Raúl even kicked some of the objects in the village, before receiving the support of Hugo Pérez, who asked him to « don’t get scratched uncle, seriously. »

« I want to share my life with her »

« This is not playing, it is fucking shit. What is he playing at? It gives me courage, I would never do that, » protested a frustrated Raúl, who declared that « I may be wrong and I am not taking anyone » to the room . « It’s my dick that he plays with me. Nobody plays with me. If he lends himself to that, he doesn’t love me », said the canary, before the rest of his companions came to console him. « Claudia may not be thinking so much about me and that kills me because it is a game that I do not understand, » shared Ginés, alone with the cameras of the program. « It has failed me without my doing anything here »said the canary, in a conversation alone with Hugo, who pointed out that « to fail indirectly, they are already doing it. And we will surely do it to them. »

« I am sad because this is an experience that is very psychological. I had things clear and I was very sure of myself, and maybe I am not so sure, » Raúl told the cameras. The canary’s slump ended with him crying in the room, in the company of Hugo, to whom he confessed that « I miss her a lot, I love her a lot. » « I’m looking forward to this ending so I can take her and go to my island with her and start a little better life. I just want that. »Ginés admitted, after which she ended up crying in front of the cameras because « I have realized that I want to share my life with her. And if I enter here and lose it, I will regret it all my life. »