Raül Blanco: “The car must remain the center of the mobility industry”

Ibercaja Foundation Observatory


Updated Friday, April 30, 2021 – 18:58

The Secretary General for Industry and SMEs analyzed the radical change in mobility models at the Ibercaja Foundation Observatory.

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The Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco, praised the opening of the II Sustainable Mobility Observatory organized by the Ibercaja Foundation and Grant Thornton, the attitude of the industry during the most serious moments of the Covid-19 pandemic and specifically to the automobile industry, “example of response and capacity for consensus”.

He also stressed when dealing with the rapid transition to radically different mobility to the one known until now that “the car must remain in the center” of everything. “Without a car there is no project. Its technology and its use will vary, but it will continue to be the center of gravity that ensures the continuity of the industry”.

Blanco valued that “for the first time” 70,000 million funds will be put into circulation for the European Union industry in the next three years and that “the automobile is at the center of this investment with € 13.2 billion“And he also stressed that” the first PERTE (Strategic Projects for Recovery and Economic Transformation) will be automotive, dedicated to the electric vehicle value chain. ”

The Secretary General for Industry and SMEs pointed out that Spain has all the capacities for the transformation of the automotive industry: “We have lithium, batteries, factories for electric vehicles and components. Everything gives us a great capacity”.

The semiconductor crisis, which are shutting down factories throughout Europe, with a logical higher incidence in Spain, the second car manufacturer on the continent, also deserved a comment from Raül Blanco: “Europe needs to strengthen its capabilities and its industrial sovereignty, have more strategic autonomy to achieve a stronger industrial capacity“.

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