Raúl Araiza treated by a medical service in full Hoy Program

Raúl Araiza treated by a medical service in the middle of the Hoy Program (Instagram)

Raúl Araiza treated by a medical service in full Hoy Program | Instagram

Poor Negrito! Raul Araiza He has his colleagues in the Hoy Program and his loved ones worried, since not only was he absent from the morning of Televisa, but when he returned he looked like another, his mood was more than low and he looked quite bad.

According to Alex Kaffie, the actor He reported sick on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, after which he returned to the Hoy program on Thursday, but not in the best conditions. To say by the journalist the driver He looked quite disheartened, something that alerted his teammates greatly.

Kaffie added that Raúl Araiza Herrera He was even treated by Televisa’s medical service and after this, he did not return to continue with the program, something that worried his friends from the television station even more.

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Alex Kaffie noted that the family and loved ones of the Black Araiza They do not know what is causing Raúl so much suffering to change his pleasant way of being so radically.

But this is not the only situation for which Raúl Araiza made the news this week. The protagonist of My love It also became the subject of another note, this for having caused great pain to the beautiful Galilea Montijo.

La Gali was performing an interpretation of the song Piel Morena by Thalía, very much in her style, when the Armando Araiza’s brother He approached to snatch the microphone from him, what Negrito never imagined is that this movement would cause the microphone to hit the beautiful conductor’s tooth and cause severe pain.

Faced with the situation, Galilea Montijo stopped singing immediately to put his hand to his mouth and withdraw from the camera lens. It could be observed that Raúl Araise felt quite sorry for the situation and hugged and comforted the beautiful Gali as he accompanied her to walk back from the line of drivers who were waiting their turn to participate in Song War.

After the unforeseen event, Paul Stanley called the game over and they sent commercial messages. Apparently, the mishap did not happen to major since Gali and Raúl laughed in the background, recounting the situation to their companions.

Raúl Araiza has become one of the darlings of the Televisa family program. El Negrito has remained for many years sharing credits with the beautiful Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo.

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Recently it was announced, by Alex Kaffie himself, that Raúl Araiza could leave the Hoy Program, this due to a new project, a soap opera. According to the journalist, Araiza had to join the cast of José Alberto Castro’s new telenovela and this would prevent him for a while from being part of the cast of the Hoy Program.

This news greatly saddened the faithful viewers, who asked that El Negrito remain in the morning, this is something that has not yet been commented.