Raúl Araiza confesses his greatest fear in Members on air!

Raúl Araiza confesses his greatest fear in Members on air! | Instagram

The television host and also actor Raúl El Negro Araiza confessed during the program “Members on the air“What was his greatest fear for him, perhaps several people agreed with him because in reality it is not something easy at all to go through what several people have already lived through.

The program where some drivers of Hoy appear, among them Mauricio Mancera, Jorge El Burro Van Rankin, Eduardo Santamarina, Paúl Stanley and Raul Araiza, but only three of them were present in this transmission, as in one of the many talks they have had while enjoying some drinks.

It was on the Unicable channel where the video With the title “What are the fears of the members? | Members on air – Unicable”, we will share it with you right away.

Since the show was launched in 2009, it has remained popular with viewers, especially since they deal with issues of importance to women, mentioning issues that have surely helped them on many occasions, perhaps as a form of entertainment. and understanding at the same time.

They are constantly discussed on men’s issues that therefore interest women, which is why this television program has become quite popular, they also have luxury guests, over the years they have been accompanied by great celebrities of the show and music.

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It was on January 25, 2019 when this episode with this unknown was shared on Unicable’s YouTube channel, where the one who most attracted attention was definitely “Negrito” as they also say affectionately to Raúl.

They were wondering what one of their greatest fears was, and when reading the information card the driver mentioned that several men had stated (in a kind of interview) that their greatest fear was not being able to “meet a woman.”

Among the things that most frighten men is not being able to meet a woman, but good! “, Said the actor.

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He immediately agreed with this typical fear of most men, especially since this can happen at any age, whether you are young or old it seems, Araiza mentioned, which is something of the most common.

In 2019 the actor was still married, so El Burro proposed a hypothetical case where he could not “respond” adequately to the lady who was in his room, he replied that of course, it was something logical between fear and grief because The simple fact of wanting to look good with the couple and that in the end he wanted, but “not his partner”, was surely something that frustrated him a lot.

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He revealed that it had already happened to him and that the reason had been because he had previously consumed certain substances and had not been able to.

Those present specified that in the case of not being able to do so, it could be due to various situations, something with which several on the set agreed, the first was fatigue, stress and predisposition, Aranza mentioned that apparently “his partner sends himself alone.”

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The conductors who were present in this interesting conversation were Mauricio Mancera, Jorge El Burro Van Rankin and Raúl El Negro Araiza, they had as a guest Mauricio Garza who stars in “40 y 20” alongside El Burro.

Among the comments we found from Internet users is that they coincided with the topic about Raúl’s fear, in addition to mentioning that the drivers were perfect for this topic, especially that they were quite entertaining and they were fascinated to see them always appear on the air.

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