Rattan de Margarita supermarkets accept payments with bitcoin in Venezuela

There are more and more options to make purchases with bitcoin in Venezuela. Now, Rattan is added, one of the most popular supermarkets on the island of Margarita, a favorite tourist destination in the South American country.

Through a post on your Instagram account, the business establishment confirmed this Tuesday, November 17, the inclusion of bitcoin as its new payment option, which qualify as a new innovation milestone.

The inclusion occurs after an alliance with the company based in Panama and with a presence in Venezuela, Cryptobuyer. This company provides the payment gateway and its Cryptobuyer Pay point of sale system to the supermarket.

In addition to bitcoin, Rattan now accepts 7 other cryptocurrencies. The list includes DASH, litecoin (LTC), ether (ETH), and binance coin (BNB). They also accept payments with the stablecoins tether (USDT) and DAI. Finally, supermarket customers will be able to cancel their purchases with XPT, Cryptobuyer’s own token launched under the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network.

Rattan is a chain of supermarkets with three locations in Margarita and other cities in the country. However, for now they will only be accepting bitcoin payments at their Rattan Plaza branch, one of those located on the island, as confirmed via Twitter.

This popular chain sells food, groceries, liquor, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene, as well as medicines.

payment cryptocurrencies bitcoin purchases markets venezuela

payment cryptocurrencies bitcoin purchases markets venezuela

Rattan Plaza will accept payments with bitcoin and 7 other cryptocurrencies with the Cryptobuyer gateway. Source: rattanhyper /

More businesses accept bitcoin in Venezuela

Rattan joins a growing list of large businesses that have included bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their payment options. Another supermarket chain, Excelsior Gama, did so in the capital, Caracas, just weeks ago. And soon there will be citizens receiving a Visa card Rechargeable with cryptocurrencies that can be used in the country.

This same year, the company Mega Soft, which has some 35,000 points of sale and cash registers in the country, partnered with Cryptobuyer to give the option of accepting payments with bitcoin to businesses that use their equipment.

In an exclusive interview with CriptoNoticias, Antonio Castro, director and partner of Mega Soft, stated that currently about 500 of their points or cash registers receive payments with some cryptocurrency. On average, two transactions are processed each day, Castro added.

According to a study published by the blockchain research firm Chainalysis last September, Venezuela is the third country in the world with the highest rate of adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Particularly in Venezuela stands out the p2p trade of bitcoin and its use for remittances. Now, options for payments and everyday transactions are added.