While we wait for a real social telephony and Internet bonus to be created, the operators have taken action on the matter to prevent families with few resources from being “hung up.” As we know, the digital divide is getting worse and can lead to work and personal problems for many people. For this reason, it is necessary for everyone to have access to the Internet in the best conditions. If Orange was first to take the step with its Social Rate, now it comes Internet Euskaltel Commitment, a fiber rate for low-income families. We give you all the keys below.

Euskaltel confirms that it is working on designing the most advanced telecommunications services without forgetting the people who have difficulties accessing them. As a result of this, it has designed “Internet Compromiso”, an Internet rate designed for those families with fewer resources. This is key at a time when the telecommuting and the teleeducation They gain ground to traditional alternatives due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus.

This is the Internet Euskaltel Commitment

This new rate will offer an Internet connection of 100 megabytes of speed at a price of 14 euros, well below the market. In addition, the first invoice will be free for contracts made in the month of September and the installation will always be free. We do not have a landline or additional services, only a high quality connection for any activity that we need to develop on the Internet.

Euskaltel explains that it works perfectly for those families in which students They have to follow their studies electronically, but also for other situations or to be in contact with loved ones in situations of confinement generated by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

This rate can be contracted by beneficiary families of the Minimum Vital Income or any other similar provision of regional scope such as the RGI. To contract we must present the documentation that proves that we are receiving this type of aid. The price of 14 euros is final, but we will have to assume a commitment of 12 months.

All this can be contracted through Euskaltel points of sale or by calling 1717 of the company’s customer service. In addition, the operator reminds us that we can contract other services if we need it, although there we will have to pay the usual prices for the rest of the clients.