Rastro de Madrid: when it opens, hours, capacity, measurements and restrictions

This Sunday the traditional Rastro de Madrid returns after remain inactive for 37 consecutive Sundays. This was reported by the general coordinator of Security and Emergencies of the Madrid City Council, Javier Hernández, in the commission of the branch to a question from Más Madrid. José Manuel Calvo, councilor of the municipal party, then congratulated the merchants because “For six months they have endured the pulse of a government that wanted to close the Rastro”, as they believe in the municipal group that the Executive wanted.

Many meetings have had to take place until last November 13, the City Council and merchants’ associations reached an agreement. The November 22 as the date for reopening, “Provided that the circumstances of the pandemic do not prevent it”, clarifies the text of the consistory.

Conditions for its reopening

El Rastro will reopen its doors with its regular hours, from 09:00 to 15:00, although with numerous modifications to adapt to the health recommendations of the authorities. The first change has been the reduction of capacity 2,702 people. The Municipal Police will be in charge of controlling it with a system of drones.

On the other hand, not all positions will be, if not about 500, what they will alternate every Sunday and holidays. These will be separated by meter and a half along an area of ​​more than 31,000 square meters and may not be located on the sidewalks to avoid crowds and inconvenience to neighbors. In addition, they will be divided into six sectors: 81 positions in the Plaza de Cascorro, 190 in Ribera de Curtidores, 82 in Vara del Rey, 120 in Campillo del Nuevo Mundo, 16 in Carlos Arniches between Mira el Río Alta and Carnero and 11 in Mira el Río Baja with Carnero.

Finally, the posts will be signposted on the road and they will have a geolocation system to identify them on the map with their Covid number. This tool is also used so that both sellers and visitors know the locations and the type of items that each one sells, according to the information available to the Consistory. The Madrid City Council will also install a information point for street vendors in the Casino de la Reina park.