Rashford, the Manchester United player who inspires Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton He not only wants to be the best driver in the history of Formula 1, but also to take advantage of his situation to make this world a better place, as he himself has admitted. This has also been evident in its renovation with Mercedes, a team with which it will launch in 2021 a charitable foundation dedicated to diversity and inclusion in sport. Among the many people who have inspired Hamilton is Marcus rashford, forward of Manchester United.

It is not surprising since, despite having only 23 years, the footballer has been chosen as one of the next 100 most influential people by Time magazine. And it is that Marcus Rashford has managed to get the British Government to allocate money to disadvantaged children to allow them to have a plate of hot food despite the closure of schools due to the coronavirus. This is something that has not gone unnoticed for Lewis Hamilton, who wanted to dedicate a few words to the Manchester United attacker.

“By standing up for the most vulnerable in our society and using their platform and influence to create positive change, Marcus inspired many others to join him in this mission and consolidated his status as a role model. In a year that showed us the power of working together toward a common goal, he was a driving force in uniting all the people of the UK in the effort to ensure that no child goes hungry. His determination, endurance and persistence have been truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see how this important work continues”, Said the seven-time Formula 1 champion about Rashford.

Hamilton and Rashford, decorated

The forward of the Manchester United has been decorated as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for helping more than 1,300,000 children vulnerable children during the pandemic. Also during the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Lewis Hamilton has been decorated named ‘Sir’ for having equaled the seven world championships harvested by Michael Schumacher and for his battle to fight for social justice and racial equality.

It should be noted that the 36-year-old driver has encountered some opposition to his claims within Formula 1, something that he himself has denounced: “I think some of the people who run these sports have been very nervous about getting into politics. or they feel they are going to get entangled in a political dispute. But it’s not really about politics, it’s human rights and standing up for something”.

“As Nelson Mandela said: ‘Sport has the ability to change the world‘. There’s the power of the people who watch, the people who keep this sport the way it is, as we continue to bring them entertainment and enhance the entertainment, and we have to encourage them to do the right thing”, He added Lewis Hamilton.

Rashford and his other inspirations

Another inspiration for the Briton off the slopes has been Muhammad Ali: “I think Muhammad Ali was the greatest sports icon of all time. He was always someone to look up to. It has inspired me a lot throughout my life. That’s why I got a tattoo of him on my right calf ”.

“That fair representation of our stories is one of the most important things and it comes from telling stories of what figures like Muhammad Ali have done. I have met many people and heard stories from many, saying that they hoped one day they could get into something because they have seen what others have been able to do“Added Hamilton.

I want to encourage schools to do more with their storytelling, because there is probably too much to cover. But I feel like I have a responsibility when I finally have children. I realize how important it is to do a lot of homeschooling to understand where we are, our values ​​and understand what we should strive towards in life ”, acknowledged the Mercedes driver.

As far as Formula 1 is concerned, the Briton also said he was influenced by Ayrton Senna: “He was my hero because of the way he rode, the colors of his helmet, the passion with which he spoke and his victories. He he faced alone a system that was not always benevolent towards him, something that I have also experienced throughout my career, although for different reasons ”.