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Driving on the highway is one of the tasks that most requires our attention, not only to have a safe driving, but also to avoid being fined for violating the Traffic Regulations on Highways and Bridges of Federal Jurisdiction, which is more severe and, unfortunately also less well known than the highway codes of each state.

To guarantee a smooth journey, you must respect each of the 233 articles that govern the roads of our country.

Surely you know the most basic ones, however there are some that you should not miss to avoid being surprised while driving, which we will expose here.


Take care of your sides. If your car does not have both mirrors or they are very small, you will be fined 1,793 pesos according to article 47.

Deadpoint. 1,793 pesos is the fine for going down a slope with the gearbox in neutral or with the clutch depressed, according to article 140.

Scandal. According to article 46, you will be penalized with 4,481 pesos if your car does not have an exhaust silencer, if you use valves to make the sound louder, not having the engine adjusted and for emitting excessive smoke.

Dream. If the horn does not work or is not heard at least 60 meters or sounds very loud, you will be fined 897 pesos according to article 45.

Do not forget. If you run out of gas in the middle of the road, you will be sanctioned with 1,793 pesos and if you add to this that if you leave it abandoned for more than 24 hours, it will be towed to the nearest corral and you will pay the drag and shelter according to the article 82.

Fill the tank. In case you load gasoline with the engine running, you will be fined 2,240 pesos in accordance with article 73.

Awake. For traveling with obvious signs of fatigue you can be fined 4,481 pesos according to article 91.

Do not use it. You cannot drive with seat covers, otherwise you will be penalized with 1,793 pesos according to article 95.

Do not do it. Pushing a vehicle with the defense of another or interposing an object between them will be sanctioned with 4,481 pesos according to article 158.

Let pass. For accelerating while another car is passing you will be fined 1,793 pesos according to article 146.

Cleansed. For going out on the road without a windshield or windows, or that are dirty or broken, as well as without the windshield wipers in good condition, you will be fined 2,688 pesos according to article 48.

Do not play. 1,344 pesos of fine is imposed on those who are playing with the horn or the lights while driving on the road.

Without pressing. Article 102 dictates that you will be fined 4,929 pesos for not respecting the safety distance with the car in front.

Help. If in an accident where you participate you could support the injured and you don’t, you will be fined 5,377 pesos.

No one on board. When your car is towed or transported by a crane, no one should travel in it, as they can punish you with 5,377 pesos, according to article 74.

You go slow. For driving at a very low speed, which is dangerous for traffic, you will be fined 1,344 pesos according to article 137.

Hold it tight. If you drop your luggage or cargo while you are traveling you will be penalized with 5,377 pesos according to article 75.

They will arrest you

Federal police may arrest you for:

Refuse to hand over the original driver’s license and registration card. Unjustifiably resisting the imposition of the sanction for the offense committed. Do not wait for the delivery of the violation ticket or destroy it. Make threats, insults or attacks on the authority or emergency personnel.


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