They are responsible for legendary works like Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie or Donkey Kong Country.

The mythical Perfect Dark of Nintendo 64 just celebrated its 20th anniversary and I couldn’t help but put myselfnostalgic. I miss thatRarethat year after year, game after game, surprise as few studies achieved. He came to equate it with the great Nintendo, which I can imagine no greater praise than that in the video game industry, being responsible for franchises that still endure today. Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Battletoads, Killer Instinct am I still? They were incredible. But long agoI lost hopeto meet again with that British team that gave me so much joy in the past. And I confess that it is a story that has always made me very sad.

The low popularity of their games on Xbox ended up ostracizing the studioWhen it became official thatRare joins XboxAfter his wonderful and fruitful stage at Nintendo, he really believed that this change could make him feel great. Back then there was a lot of talk about the creative differences between those in Kyoto and Rare, so I thought that in the hands of a Microsoft willing to do anything to bring Xbox to success, the authors of Saber Wulf could unleash their imaginations without limits. His first games were still projects that were originally intended for the GameCube, such as a very changed Kameo that ended up on Xbox 360, or the funGrabbed by the Ghouliesthat he had neither sales success nor press support; But there I kept finding pieces of the Rare that I have always adored.

Game Cube’s Star Fox Adventures was the last Rare video game with Nintendo.

Unfortunately, the low popularity of their releases ended up leading the studio to absolute ostracism. They surprised us with the beautiful and fun Viva Piata, yes, and here you have a fan of thatPerfect Dark ZeroThat put us at the controls of a young Joanna Dark, but the Rare of yesteryear was diluting more and more until it almost became a second-class studio. It didn’t help that Banjo Kazooie’s return was as it was, with a fun and imaginative Potholes and Cachivaches that had little to do with the platform essence of the originals. Even the composerGrant KirkhopeHe ended up recognizing that it should have been considered as a new creative license, because in the end, the critics focused almost exclusively on the fact that he was not a Banjo Kazooie. That it was not. Another stick for Rare.

They worked on sequels to Conker, Perfect Dark, or Kameo … and were canceled.So we went from a team that year after year signed some of the best video games of the moment, to another that hardly offered news, whichalmost no new projects, just working on the avatars of Xbox or the discreet Kinect Sports. Was there nobody else to commission this project? And in between you read stories ofcanceled games; of a possible Conker 2 for Xbox focused on multiplayer, or Kameo 2 and a horror game, and even a new Perfect Dark that emulated Deus Ex. I don’t know about you, but all those years, in my case, werea real nightmare.

Rare has a legacy that other studies would like for themselvesSee how one of your childhood studies falls into oblivion without anyone doing anything to prevent it. There was talent, yes, but it seems that nobody gave them the opportunity to demonstrate it. At least it seems the story is beginning to change for the better. Sea of ​​Thieves has ended up becominga success on Xbox One and PC, and thanks to the essential Rare Replay, many have known the enormous legacy of the British studio. The future? Although many of the great creatives of that mythical Rareware ended up leaving the studio, some now gathered inPlaytonicWhere they have brought the Yooka Laylee series to life, we know they work in the beautiful Everwild that nothing is known about to date. Enough? For me it is already a first step.

Rare isa legendary studio; A company with a legacy that other greats in the sector would like for themselves, and it is necessary that they recover their position of honor in the video game industry. It was terrible to see them fall from grace, and remembering their old glories makes you feel even worse, but this feeling of hope begins to fade on the horizon ofthe new generationthat brings Xbox Series X. I know that that Rare of my childhood is not going to return, but at least I think itsinnovative spirit, her bravery in creating new franchises, can serve to make the brand shine once more strongly, giving gamers yet another excuse to bet on the Xbox family.

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