rare cartridge sells for $ 156,000

A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3considered by many Nintendo fans as the best Super Mario title in its history, it just sold for a record high. The prized NES cartridge, still sealed in its box, sold for $ 156,000.

At another Heritage Auctions million-dollar auction, the Super Mario Bros. 3 It was sold for 156 thousand dollars (which is equivalent to 3,176,726 Mexican pesos). But why was it sold at that price, and why is it so different from that cartridge you probably have stocked with your other NES games?

Heritage Auctions explains that sealed copies of this title, in which Mario Tanooki debuted, are very difficult to find. We all know the classic cover with Mario Mapache, but in the copy that sold for millions of pesos this one looks a little different. There is a detail that makes it even more valuable, and that is the word “Bros”: it passes over Mario’s glove, as you can see in the following image.

Super Mario Bros 3

The expensive and rare cartridge from Super Mario Bros. 3. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

In addition to that “error” on the cover, the cartridge has another peculiarity: Wata Games, the company that evaluates the state of video games, gave it a rating of 9.2 A +. In other words, the closed cartridge was * almost * in perfect condition. Another similar copy, but which received a 9.0 A rating, sold for $ 38,400 – a much lower price than a cartridge of Super Mario Bros 3. in better condition.

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