Raquel Perera shocks the networks by posing with all the children of her ex, Alejandro Sanz

The designer and psychologist Rachel Perera has once again made it clear that, despite the disagreements and litigation she has had with her ex-husband, Alejandro Sanz, In recent times, the family that he has formed with him and the one that he already brought with him from his previous relationships with Jaydy Michel and Valeria Rivera continue to constitute a very united and well-matched clan. As she herself pointed out in her account Instagram, “One thing does not take away the other” and the legacy that emerges from the artist’s failed relationships has to be celebrated and preserved.

The also businesswoman has rescued from the trunk of memories a photo of 2014 in which the then married couple, who had just welcomed the youngest of the group, the adorable Alma, poses smiling and happy with the four offspring of the music star . It may be that this snapshot can no longer be updated with the same frequency as in the past, but the important thing for Raquel is that the affective and fraternal bonds do not stop strengthening over time.

“In my world, the family fabric is waterproof. It is not affected by any change in temperature. There are unbreakable things, harmony exists, life is beautiful “. Raquel has written in the description of a touching picture that has left her fans very excited. “How nice to see you like this and what a beautiful harmony! You deserve it and so do they. I love you! ”, The singer Marta Sánchez has directed him in the comments section.

You have to remember that Since last September, Raquel Perera and the two offspring she shares with Alejandro, Dylan and the aforementioned Alma, reside in Madrid after almost a decade of life in Miami, so the reunions between the artist and his children are obviously easier to organize now. As if that wasn’t enough, Jaydy Michel and the young Manuela, the singer-songwriter’s first-born, also moved to the capital of Spain with the start of the new year. Alexander, the second child of the interpreter and for only a few days of age, is the only member of his offspring who is still based on the other side of the Atlantic.