Raquel Bollo, Dakota and other known faces in the spotlight for promoting fakes

As announced exclusively ‘Socialité’, Raquel Bollo could be reported for crime of fraud for some posts on Instagram. Other well-known faces from the small screen could be added to the television presenter such as Dakota Tárraga, from ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Survivors’, the extronista Marina Ruíz or Raquel Lozano, contestant on ‘Big Brother 16’.

María Patiño announcing the exclusive in ‘Socialité’

María Patiño and her team have made public the possible implication of all of them in a crime of fraud by advertising on their social networks a company that counterfeits big brand products. The products meet identical characteristics to the originals like the logo or the packaging. « One of the bags sponsored by this brand has a value of € 2,400 and they are selling it for € 100, » they reported from the program.

To learn more about the possible legal future they would face, ‘Socialité’ has interviewed a member of FACUA. According to the expert, he warns that if they declare that they were unaware that they were forgeries, they would not face any judicial problem. Nevertheless, if they are knowledgeable of what they are advertising, they would be committing a crime of fraud for which they could even go to prison as stipulated in the Penal Code.

Not the first time

For a few months, the youtuber Malbert, and recently the collaborator of ‘Save me’ Miguel Frigenti have been denouncing different faces on television and the Internet for being misleading advertising. In the vast majority of the cases that they report are about « fake offers » in which a highly discounted product is being advertised thanks to a unique discount code, but which can then be find much cheaper on other web pages.