Rappi 4Business, a way to give incentives to your workers

Companies will be able to give coupons to their workers that they can redeem in stores.

Each employee will be able to choose any of the Rappi verticals to use their coupon.

The RappiPrime service will be free for collaborators of affiliated companies.

With the aim of expanding its business lines, Rappi 4Business arrives, a platform for companies to distribute resources, incentives and benefits to their collaborators, or clients if they so decide.
This means a reduction in costs for companies, since coupons and benefits can be accessed from anywhere, thus eliminating costly and inefficient logistics processes.
To access the business gift coupons, you just have to enter the Rappi application and choose among the more than 20 thousand affiliated commercial establishments in a safe and effective way.
It does not matter if it is a restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy or to buy books. RappiMall and Rappi Travel also participate.

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Companies can always control the expenses granted, generate reports and make massive payroll news.
According to Alejandro Solís, CEO of Rappi México, “With this new platform, we are sure that we will be able to pay companies to save on operating costs incurred in providing incentives to their collaborators. Likewise, through this service, its collaborators will be able to receive exclusive benefits, directly at their home, thus facilitating the management of the company’s resources ”.
In the same way, companies will be able to grant all their collaborators the RappiPrime service.
With this service you can access free deliveries, surprise discounts every month, exclusive offers and 24/7 priority support.

Having a business account at Uber Eats also brings advantages for companies.
For example, you could surprise your home-office workers during the Covid 19 pandemic and create a meal program that allows your people to receive local favorites right at their doorstep.
If you want to have a virtual meeting for any celebration or that complicated project that they are working on from different points, you can create a coupon for Uber Eats and cover the cost of your team’s meals.
In order to reduce the number of people entering the office, you can invite your co-workers to join a shared cart. Your items will arrive individually packaged.

These same delivery app programs for your workers could be used to entertain your customers in a year when the economy hit us all equally in the pocket.