American rapper Tray Savege, 26, died after being shot while on the streets of Chicago. The event occurred when he was driving his vehicle through the southern part of the city.

Savage was driving through the Chatham neighborhood in South Chicago when he was shot from another vehicle.

The bullets hit his neck and shoulder as his vehicle collided with three other cars.

The singer was transferred to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where they could not save his life.

Kentray Young, his real name, He was a native of Chicago and was one of the young promises of American urban music and was working for the label specializing in the genre Glory Boyz Entertainment, better known as Glo Gang and founded by one of Tray’s mentors, also rapper Chief Keef .

The rapper was known for songs like ‘Know Who I Am’, Sa Faces Savage ’or for his collaborations with other colleagues of the genre such as Chief Keef and Chiefin King, with whom he recorded the song‘ Trap ’in 2014.