rapper Snoop Dogg launches his NFT tokens

Key facts:

One of the NFTs is called “Doggecoin”, merging the rapper’s name with that of Dogecoin.

The NFTs are inspired by the life, career and personality of Snoop Dogg.

Celebrities continue to join the NFT fever, this time with the release of 8 collectible tokens from rapper Snoop Dogg.

“A Journey with the Dogg” is the name of the collection that the American singer and businessman premiered on Friday, March 2, on the Crypto.com platform.

So far, the sale of any of the pieces has not been finalized, but the auctions will be open until today, April 4. Three unique pieces, of a single copy, are currently priced at USD 108,000, USD 55,000 and USD 53,000, while other collections are progressively selling at a cheaper price.

Snoop Dogg’s NFT tokens are inspired by the singer’s career, tastes and personality, in a series of animated and voiced illustrations featuring the song ‘NFT’, performed by the singer.

One of the NFTs even takes inspiration from Dogecoin, a popular humorous cryptocurrency or prankcoin, to create ‘Doggecoin’ with an illustration that refers to Snoop Doog and the well-known meme coin dog that even Elon Musk has had fun with.

Crypto.com noted in a press release that NFTs can be purchased using a debit or credit card, in addition to 20 other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). Too, indicate that a percentage of all the money raised will be donated to emerging artists who work with cryptocurrencies, as well as the Snoop Youth Soccer League, an American football sports championship led by the rapper.

The auction for Snoop Dogg’s NFTs will culminate in the next few hours. Source: Crypto.com

Recently CriptoNoticias reported how other musicians, such as Gorillaz, are also venturing into the NFT, although some fans do not agree.

NFTs have emerged as an alternative to creators and artists, constituting a growing economy that is not limited to graphic or painting pieces, but also includes video, music and even literature and gastronomy, as revealed by two creators to CriptoNoticias in an interview published in recent days.

In addition, the fever for NFTs is directly related to the increase in unique addresses on the Ethereum platform, which according to this medium published last Wednesday, already amounts to 800,000 unique addresses.

It is also expected that others will participate in this ecosystem later, as is the case with the Funkopop company, the beloved characters from the Toy Story movie. By June of this year, the Funkopop could reach the NFTs, according to their parent company.