Happy mother, Aya Nakamura let her daughter Aïcha do her makeup. She did not hesitate to reveal the result on social networks.

Ho Djadja!

It is with the title Djaja, that Aya Nakamura has become a star. Its title, published on April 6, 2018 on Youtube, has accumulated more than 621 million views. The song was not only successful in France. Indeed, it exported very well and even world famous celebrities like Rihanna did not hesitate to film themselves dancing or singing to this sound.

Aya Nakamura then continued her journey by publishing other singles that have always hit the mark like Copines or Pookie.

Aya N. still on the rise!

Two years after her greatest success, Aya Nakamura continues to be talked about and to be a popular artist. Indeed, only three days after its release on Friday July 17, 2020, its song Jolie Nana has been listened to more than 10 million times. He then quickly found himself at the top of the streaming platforms. It is in 136th place in the Spotify top that we can find it.

Besides, the singer has just been sacred “Most listened to French singer” with its new title and 1st in the Top Singles of the week by SNEP and at the same time achieved the best start of his career.

For the clip of this song, Aya Nakamura surrounded herself with Camille Lellouche but also with the actress Karidja Touré who we were able to discover in the film Bande de filles. This short film-like video has already been viewed more than 4 million times.

The most listened to French artist on Spotify

Aya Nakamura continues to string together victories since her debut in the musical world in 2014. Recently, she has become most listened to artist in the world on Spotify with 13,113,502 listeners per month as reported by Le Mouv.

For comparison, PNL has 2 million listeners per month, Booba has 2.3 and Jul 3.3 million. This is news that did not fail to please the young woman as she was able to reveal through her account Twitter.

Social networks are merciless: Sadek takes his defense!

But despite her success, Aya Nakamura, like many artists, is not always unanimous. The singer must wipe some reviews. So, there are many who do not hesitate to attack him on his texts. This was the case, for example, with Jérôme de Verdière, who notably hosts La revue de presse sur Paris Première. The latter was not very tender with the young artist.

Indeed, he exclaimed on Twitter:

I have just read the lyrics of Aya Nakamura’s last song… Next, David and Jonathan, it was the Goncourt brothers!

Words that made fans of the artist jump … starting with rapper Sadek. The artist has stepped up to the plate in order to defend of the young woman.

An answer welcomed by many Internet users. It is clear that the singer leaves no one indifferent!

Aya Nakamura: she is also a devoted mother

But before being an accomplished artist who takes advantage of her art to talk about her heartaches, Aya Nakamura is, at the height of her 25 years, the happy mother of a little Aïcha 4 years old that she protects from media coverage. Indeed, she has never revealed the face of her child on social networks.

In August 2019, she declared on the C à Vous set:

I try to preserve her because she is a little girl like all the other little girls. I think it’s important for her to be a little girl and not Aya Nakamura’s daughter. […] She must be looking at me right now, but she wonders what I’m doing on TV.

Recently, she let her little princess do her makeup. She did not hesitate to reveal the result on Snapchat.

Aya Nakamura made up by her daughter: The photo not to be missed!

Aya Nakamura intends to explain life to her child

The singer makes a point of honor that her little Aïcha is aware of what is happening in this world. It was at Liberation that she notably affirmed:

At school, we don’t teach you who is who in politics. I want to teach my daughter who the lady on TV is, why she talks, why there is a war there, why there are yellow vests here.