Rapper Malik B., former co-founder of group The Roots, suddenly loses his life | Instagram

The music is dressed again in mourning for the sudden departure of a rapper singer, Malik B., co-founder of the group The Roots, he loses his life at age 47.

Amid previously unknown causes, the unfortunate news of the young singer, the rapper Malik B., it was his collaborators of the group who disclosed the recent events.

Rapper Malik B., in his recording studio. AP

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Who Was Malik B?

Malik Abdul Basit, first name better known as Malik B., artistically, he was an American rapper and co-founder of the influential group The Roots.

His unexpected death has shocked his colleagues who even wrote an emotional message through social networks in which they deeply regretted the tragedy.

With tears in our eyes, we regret to inform you of the death of our beloved brother and long-time member of The Roots, Malik Abdul Basit, ”the group said in its statement Wednesday.

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We hope that he will be remembered for his devotion to Islam, his loving brotherhood and his innovation as one of the most talented rappers of all time, ”he added.

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The grouping The Roots It starred Questlove and Black Throught in 1987 in Filadelphia (United States), they later joined their paths to those of Hub and Malik B. becoming a sensation on the local scene and becoming one of the groupings most respected and followed from around the world.

Her first album was Organix (1993), in which his hip-hop shone, especially for resorting to traditional instruments instead of electronic bases, in addition to the clear influences of jazz in all his work.

Rapper Malik B, was co-founder of the group The Roots. Youtube

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Even with Malik B., within the grouping The Roots edited Do You Want More? !!! ??! (1995) and Illadelph Halflife (1996), two albums with which they achieved success on a large scale.

The last album of The Roots in which he participated Malik BAs another member was Things Fall Apart (1999). He subsequently left the group.

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Apparently, The Roots would have addressed the departure of Malik B due to alleged addictions, after a while Malik B. returned to the group to do some collaborations but he never joined the band again.