Huey: Rapper Loses His Life in St. Louis, Missouri Shooting | Reform

Rapper Huey was killed in a double shooting in Kinloch, Missouri, Thursday night, Variety reported.

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Police confirmed the identity of the celebrity, whose real name was Lawrence Franks Jr., 32, of Saint Louis; Prior to his death, he was rushed to a hospital, but lost his life shortly after his arrival.

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A second victim of the event, a 21-year-old man, suffered non-fatal injuries, police elements said.

Both the artist and the other man were shot in the front yard of a residence in Kinloch; Police believe that 10 other people were present when the shooting occurred, so they are asking witnesses for help in solving the crime.

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So far, the possible motive for the event is unknown, and the Police decided not to reveal the suspects without identifying them.

Huey rose to fame alongside Jive Records with the song « Pop, Lock and Drop It », which reached sixth place on the Billboard Hot 100 list, and was certified with double platinum; The celebrity’s debut album, Notebook Paper, reached No. 4 on Billboard’s rap album chart.

Despite his initial success, the singer’s subsequent works did not achieve as much fame; He only released another major record album in 2010 called Redemption, and released some tracks in 2011 and 2014.

At age 15, Huey began creating hip hop rhythms. His older brother referred Franks to producer Angela Richardson, who was creating a rap group. Franks began acting as Huey, and his songs « Oh » and « Pop, Lock & Drop It » became local favorites among DJs and promoters.

Huey appeared in a series of mixtapes, one of which, Unsigned Hype, sold from his 8,000-copy series and was noticed by producer TJ Chapman, who introduced the rapper to A&R Vice President at Jive Records, Mickey « MeMpHiTz » Wright. , in 2006.