Rapper DMX’s family is saying goodbye to him; your chances of recovery are very slim

Earl Simmons.

Photo: DOMINICK REUTER / AFP / Getty Images

The family of rapper DMX, Earl simmons, arrived at White Plains Hospital in New York, to say goodbye for the last time, while still fighting for his life, as his condition does not seem to improve.

According to reports presented by US media, such as TMZ, several of the rapper’s children, aged 50, They are already near the hospital waiting for any news.

“At this time remains in critical condition. Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents another path that you must conquer. Does not look good”Earl’s representative told TMZ.

Sources close to the family told the outlet that hospital staff are allowing one member at a time to visit, due to coronavirus regulations and that began the process of consecutive visits because their chances of recovery are very low.

The terrible news comes immediately after it was revealed that ‘X’ is in a ‘vegetative state’ and has minimal brain activity, following a drug overdose and subsequent heart attack.

Simmons was one of America’s most successful rappers in the late 1990s, but he has struggled with substance abuse from a young age and may sadly end his life.

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