Rapid tests to detect COVID-19 begin in Lee County students – .

The Lee County School District in Southwest Florida has approved COVID-19 testing of its students. The procedure will be applied to students with symptoms.

These tests have already begun to be applied, according to school authorities, who assure that this will help control the spread of the disease in schools.

The test kits that are carried out in just fifteen minutes and for free, allow to know if a student is positive for COVID-19.

Irma Lancaster, communications director for the Lee County School District, advises that “they are going to call the parents of the child, if it is a student and offer the rapid test for COVID-19, if the parent says yes, I want to accept that offer, that parent must go to the school in person, sign a letter giving permission and be present during the test.

The school district announced a partnership with the Golisano Children’s Hospital, part of the Lee County Health System, to administer the tests by medical personnel at the school itself.

Greg Adkins, Lee County school superintendent, explains that “the district received a total of 2,000 units with everything it needs to perform a rapid COVID-19 test that is being administered by health professionals from Lee Health.”

The school superintendent also added that $ 250,000 was approved by the county board of commissioners to cover the costs of the tests through the end of this year, and the school district expects to receive a new batch of these tests early next year.