Thousands of kilometers away,Rania from JordanandMelania TrumpWithout intending it, they have maintained a stylistic duel in which, faithful to their tastes, they have made it clear that the health crisis is not synonymous with economic containment.

In 2020, May 25 has been a designated date for Jordan and the United States. The first has celebrated Independence Day, and the second has commemorated those who died in the different wars in which the country has participated.

Important appointments in both countries for which the first ladies – both adore signature designs – have decided to wear sober garments, sticking to protocol and sticking to traditions, but not exactly “low cost”.

Melania Trump, who throughout the confinement has preferred to continue wearing spotless outfits that transmit tranquility, to commemorate the American soldiers who have died in combat, opted for a torn white coat from the Gucci firm whose price exceeds 2,000 euros.

For her part, Rania of Jordan, in celebration of Jordan’s Independence Day, one of the most anticipated dates in the country, opted for a tunic dress with motifs of the traditional aesthetics of the nation and the Arab culture of Dar Noora, a Palestinian firm located in Ramallah.

After days of confinement, the Hashemite queen, who continues to wear top-of-the-line garments from international brands, but being faithful to tradition, has left nothing to chance and has worn a white design with embroidery in different shades of blue, a belt and details on the sleeves.

Rania from Jordan, with her hair down, combined this caftan with “stilettos” by Gianvito Rossi that exceed 900 euros and a handbag, marble effect, from the firm L’Afshar with a price of around 800 euros, in addition small diamond pendant and necklace.

Haute couture lovers Melania Trump and Rania from Jordan are two of the best dressed first ladies in the world, and, aware that every detail of what they are wearing is analyzed and their outfits are compared, they have left nothing behind. randomly in this duel of confinement, both impeccable.