Rangers Stadium, Globe Life Field Opens Massively

The new and modern stadium of the Texas Rangers on the MLB, Globe Life Field, opened its doors on Monday afternoon for the first time in a game for the Texans, a stadium that was receiving more than ninety percent of its capacity in the first game of the Rangers at home with the return of the public.

Prior to the start of the current season of the MLB, the Rangers They had announced that they would be welcoming the public for the first time in their new stadium, a journey that was finally completed on the afternoon of this April 5, after the homeowners started the campaign as visitors in Kansas City.

The Globe Life Field, had been part of the “bubble” program of the MLB during the postseason celebration last year in Big leagues, a sports arena that had to wait to fully open its doors a season later, who began receiving a massive audience in the match between Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays this Monday.

The modern stadium is located in the city of Arlington, Texas which made the opening ceremony for the just started season of MLB receiving a total of 38,238 thousand people, a stadium that is mainly prepared to receive a total of 40,000 thousand people open to its entirety, say for the first game of the season of Big leagues As of 2021, a total of 96% of the stadium seats were occupied by fans.

This historic baseball game, which was the game of any sports league in the United States to receive such a large audience since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, was being refereed by Jasen Visconti, Jerry Meals, Ed Hickok and Vic Carapazza, game in which the Toronto Blue Jays took the victory with a score of 6-2, over the Texas Rangers.

After culminating with the action of said party, this led to multiple reactions on social networks by enthusiasts of the MLB, who even dared to pronounce such action as “irresponsible” by the fans who gathered at the Globe Life Field.