The future of one of the most veteran superstars in the locker room has focused on looking for a title that makes clear the reality of his dominance and strength within the roster. He knows that whoever gets ahead will suffer the consequences.

Big Show gives in to the viper

The legend and television star wanted revenge for all the acts of vandalism committed by Randy in and out of the ring. For Show, Randy believes he has his own right to claim anything. Something that seems somewhat selfish and knows that he does not do it with good intentions, so he faces it to be able to pray his feet.

In combat, the two showed their best weapons, we already know all the characteristic movements, but whenever they faced each other, they left behind a chemistry that was difficult to create with any fighter. He had several moments to sentence the fight, but Randy was more agile and managed to beat him with a serious mistake made by Show.

After the bell rang, Flair celebrated. He is aware of the victories of his great apprentice. But you shouldn’t skimp on efforts to get Randy out of control. Undoubtedly, the bleeding created in the face of legends or old returns, endangers the future within the wrestling of anyone who wants to face it face to face.

A new challenge on WWE Raw

It seems that the legend killer wants to continue making his mark on the red mark, WWE Raw, and his next rival already has a first and last name, Drew McIntyre. The current and reigning champion of the belt throughout these months, continues to annihilate his rivals.

These have already faced each other, in maximum equality struggles. They’re both old school, they know each other very well. Both have reached the top. This time Drew McIntyre is the face of the company. If Randy manages to win he would win the 15th world championship, approaching the record for Cena and Flair. A challenge that few can aspire to.

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