Ramos requests support for riders

The president of the Dominican Federation of Equestrian Sports today urged the support of the Dominican Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports for the athletes Yvonne Losos de Muñiz and Héctor Florentino, classified since 2019 for the Tokyo 2021 Games.

Engineer José Manuel Ramos Báez stated that both riders are at the top of the competition worldwide. He added that Losos and Florentino live and train outside the country in order to maintain their competitive level.

The engineer Ramos Báez revealed that the Federation has asked the Ministry of Sports and the COD for the contributions corresponding to the year 2020 for the preparation of the athletes, but that to date the resources have not arrived.

“I want to emphasize that the results in the games depend on these resources. It is not the same now as next year ”, explained the president of the Dominican Federation of Equestrian Sports.

He said he recognized the effect of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, but recalled that equestrianism is one of the sports that never closed.

“Our athletes have kept competing and training. In addition, the resources for the athletes’ preparation were consigned in the 2020 budget of the Ministry of Sports ”, he added.

He thanked the support of the Creating Olympic Dreams (Croesus) program, of which he said that “it has fulfilled on time, as usual, with our athletes in 2020.” He said he was convinced that Francisco Camacho will fulfill his promises to provide the resources.