Ramoncín says that Vox “lies” when he asks to withdraw the Madrid City Council Medal for “justifying the violence”


The singer Ramoncín has accused Vox of “lying” when requesting the withdrawal of the Gold Medal from the Madrid City Council for the artist for “justifying the violence” against the political formation in the Vallecas altercations, since “it was the other way around” , when pronouncing “contrary” to any violent act.

“It makes me angry that they say that, because they could have argued a million things much more sensible, like that I do not like Franco, homophobia, fascism or the Francoists. That would have been great. But when they say that, they lie, because I I have not supported violence of any kind, I spoke out against it, “the singer explained in statements to Europa Press.

The spokesperson for Vox in the Madrid City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, abstained this Monday in plenary session in the recognition that the Corporation will deliver to Ramoncín, understanding that he “justifies” the violence against his formation. This recognition will be delivered this Saturday, in San Isidro.

“What I said was ‘look, what Abascal is doing seems wrong to get down from matasiete to say to see what happens.’ And what the rest of the people should have done is to have taken steps back, to have whistled, whistled or whatever they wanted. But the moment someone throws a stone, it’s over, “added Ramoncín.

“I am absolutely against the use of violence. They could have looked for other so many reasons, but they have looked for this and they have been mistaken”, has concluded.

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