If life had not suddenly changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we would be just over two months away from receiving Rammstein in Mexico. Right now they would be in the middle of their European tour and their fans losing their minds every night. However, instead the German machine has had to stay home like all of us.

But since everything in life has two sides, fortunately this has helped the legendary german band has found time to make more music. This was confirmed by Rammstein’s drummer Christoph Schneider.

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In an interview with the Bosshoss podcast on Germany Rodeo Radio, drummer Christoph was asked what the band has been up to during the closure. Schneider replied: “Last week, we were supposed to be playing at our first concert in 2020 and then we said: “We have to see each other and think about what we could do this year.”

From there Schneider had already hinted that Rammstein might be spending his time making some music, but later confirmed it: “We still have many ideas out there, so many unfinished songs. We saw each other and now we are working on new songs. We want to work on new songs, but if they will end on a new album, nobody knows that ”.

Check out this crazy time-lapse video of the Rammstein stage under construction!

This news has largely filled their fans with happiness is because Rammstein is not a band that has been characterized in recent years for releasing music frequently. In fact it took them approximately 10 years to release their seventh Rammstein album last year..

Despite the fact that Christoph Schneider says there is no guarantee if these songs will end on a disc, Really any new Rammstein music would be highly welcomed by his fans in the coming months.

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Along with the sad news of the cancellation of his world tour and his view of Mexico, we were kept standing hearing that the 2021 is the year in which they promise to visit our lands. So even though the wait hurts and the days go on forever, there are reasons to keep going. The exact dates are not yet known, but your visit is 100% confirmed.

For now we leave the interview with Christoph Schneider (which is in German) but followed by a translation that made us all jump with excitement:

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