Rambo and McClane will arrive in Verdansk as operators

Activision has many surprises in store for the third season of Warzone. With the arrival of Verdansk 1984, the entire Call of Duty battle royale theme has become a constant nod to the Cold War. However, what we have seen so far is only the beginning.

And it is that two of the most important icons of the 80s action cinema are about to join Warzone in o formselectable and playable players. The two most famous John in cinema will soon become part of Warzone’s portfolio of operators.

So at least he leaves it between watching Activision, which from the official accounts of the game have been sending teasers for a few days of what will come to Warzone next.

First? A teaser of a scoreboard of an unknown player named SURVIVORJOHN # 1009062 with very concrete statistics: 550 kills, 7 hours of play, 5 wins and 5 games played.

Rambo and his bow arrive in Warzone

rambo warzone arc

Weird, no? Well, if we take a look at the statistics, it is nothing more and nothing less than John Rambo: 550 deaths from his 5 7-hour films. And yes, indeed John Rambo is about to arrive at Warzone as Activision has already confirmed in another tweet:

It will be on May 20 when John Rambo makes his appearance in Warzone along with his iconic arc. But will not be the one.

Straight from Nakatomi: Yippee ki yay

Rambo and McClane warzone

Another of the great John of action cinema of the 80s who will join Warzone is the unrepeatable John McClane from Die Hard. This time, Activision has thrown the rest out and even created a microsite in the form of a teaser:

The contact email for this website is that of John McClane, who will also reach Warzone in one way or another. Although, yes, the details on this occasion are scarce, and for now we must settle for that teaser the call of duty tweet, waiting for Die Hard to appear in Warzone.

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