Raise the rear, Celia Lora in lingerie delights from the sofa | INSTAGRAM

One of the most controversial and beloved Mexican models and actresses right now is Celia lora undoubtedly all thanks to his daring content on social networks and his extensive appearance in various shows.

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The beautiful girl has not stopped generating daring content for her loyal fans and this has been quite grateful because they get to give her their respective likes as soon as something uploads to her official account.

In this last photograph in her official account, the model appears incada in the armchair of her home, stopping, raising the rear to give it a super flirtatious touch and raise hundreds of thousands of sighs.

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The famous one has been appearing in various programs on MTV’s Acapulco Shore, the confessional of love with Celia Lora from MTV as well, and in various programs where she has been invited because at the moment she is one of the most sought-after names.


Celia’s program: Love’s office is being a success, users are receiving it in the best way and they do not miss it, as well as Acapulco Shore has caused a stir, being a trend even days after a chapter was released.

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In that show you can send her your romantic experiences and so she can read you and even give some points of view, advice and her own experiences, something that has fascinated her followers.

The young Mexican will not stop giving us what to talk about, until now the occasion when she took off her clothes to go into the pool in Acapulco Shore continues to resonate, every time she attracts attention in a better way because not everything is left in taking off her clothes but it has also given him creativity.