Rains leave houses affected and raise river levels in Hidalgo


In Hidalgo, the rains of the last 24 hours caused the fall of fences, flooded houses, in addition to raising river levels; the effects are mainly concentrated in three municipalities of the state.

In Tepeji del Río, Civil Protection elements confirmed the fall of a fence in the community of Cantera de Villagran, derived from the intense rain recorded.

The debris blocked access to the Health Center as well as the “Melchor Ocampo” Kindergarten, located on Jardín Street.

In addition, it was reported that the emergency services personnel under the command of Ceferino Cano, as well as the Water Commission, under the direction of Omar Bravo Barcenas, are keeping an eye on river levels.

This to maintain permanent monitoring in the next few hours derived from the intense rains registered in the State of Mexico and that can affect the levels of the rivers in this Hidalgo territory.

The population living near ravines, bodies of water and landslide areas was asked to keep an eye out and report any type of emergency to the 911 number.

In Huasca de Ocampo, the entry of water to homes was reported, in addition to severe flooding in the cabin area.

Due to the heavy rains, a dam wall in the Las Truchas forest burst when a tree fell on it and which stopped the water in the direction of the Hacienda de San Miguel.

The city council reported that with the Limpias area, urgent needs are met with de-silting and road rearrangement work in different parts of the municipality in five communities: San Miguel Regla, San Juan Hueyapan, on the road to San Ignacio, Palmillas and Aguacatitla.

Also in the Cozapa neighborhood, in the municipality of Zacualtipán, severe flooding was reported, so the city council enabled the municipal auditorium as a shelter and conducted tours to support affected families and verify damage.


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