Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S at 120fps and 4K

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 12/1/2020 3:31 pm


Rainbow six siege It has been one of Ubisoft’s most popular games in recent years, to the extent of having an eSports scene. Now, the day that fans had waited for has arrived. That’s right, next-gen versions are out now. Thus, Players will be able to enjoy this title on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 4K, with rendering scaling, and up to 120fps.

All those who already have their copy for PS4 and Xbox One will be able to access this improved version on the new consoles for free. Similarly, Rainbox Six Siege already has cross-save between the same hardware family. This way you can transfer all your progress and items to the PS5 or Xbox Series X | S, and not lose something.

Along with these new versions, Operation Neon Dawn, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Final Season, Now Available and brings with it a new agent, Aruni, a redesign for the Skyscraper map, and various accessibility tweaks. This content also has a new season pass, which will be available until February 22.

Aruni is now available to all those who own the Year 5 Season Pass, while the rest of the people will have to wait until December 8 to add this agent to their game.


Via: Official statement

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