Rain of ‘sticks’ to Neymar in France after the elimination of PSG

05/05/2021 at 09:47 CEST

As expected, the elimination of PSG at the hands of Manchester City has not sat at all well in the French capital. The Parisian team once again see their dream of winning the Champions League frustrated and criticism of the team and several players have not been long in coming. Neymar is one of those who is receiving the most ‘sticks’, since he could not show his best version against Pep Guardiola’s team. In France they describe the Brazilian as “unbearable, self-centered and catastrophic.”

For ‘Le Parisien’, the former Barça player was “a genius with no ideas at the Etihad Stadium. “The Brazilian completely missed his semi-final. Without inspiration, he was never able to assume the weight of the team as he had done against Bayern. Disappointing.”, assures the rotary.

For its part, ‘L’Equipe’, who valued the performance of the forward with a 3/10, also considers the performance of the ’10’ a trigger. “He had promised to die in the field, sadly he missed his match. Not in the confrontation, but more in his strengths where yesterday was insufficient: repeated turnovers, bad passes, risky elections … He couldn’t make any difference with his dribbling, especially against Walker. Disappointing, “says the prestigious newspaper.

In ‘France Football they describe as “egocentric” and “unbearable” the style of the forward. “Was it really necessary to make six touches of the ball every time he touched the ball? Neymar has revealed his dark side against Manchester City, as unbearable as possible, he wanted to do everything on his own. […] Adding to this egocentricity a horrible ending where he sought to physically hurt the City players, “laments the aforementioned media, which leaves a final criticism. “Carried away by his emotions once again, Neymar was catastrophic”, Add.

Finally, at RMC, former Monaco Jerome Rothen also shot ‘Ney’. “We expected more from Neymar, and I was the first. This player is incredible when he is alone in his head and has players in front who make the movements. I am going to blame things on him, but not only on Neymar. You want to renew it but you also have to rethink it. When he’s not as good as he is today, you have to tell him. Leonardo gives him the ointment because he has to be renewed. If they want to pass the course with Neymar, they have to review the behavior“, he assured.