Rain of sanctions for Alfa Romeo at the Hungarian GP

It was a Sunday for Alfa Romeo to take advantage of after the race started due to accidents in the first corner, but the Hinwil team left empty-handed unlike one of their direct rivals, the Williams team. And to add insult to injury, he racked up various penalties.

During the grand prix there was a 10-second penalty against Raikkonen because at the pit stop on the occasion of the resumption of the race after the starting accident, the Finn’s car was sent to the pitlane just as Nikita Mazepin entered the pits. The two cars made contact and Haas’s had to withdraw from the race with a damaged front suspension.

As Raikkonen explained later, it was not a failure of the Alfa Romeo team, but a technical problem. “There was a problem with the traffic lights”, refers to the red-green system to indicate if there is a free way or not. “The result was a collision with Mazepin. Even the penalty was clearly in the points. But then there was not much I could do from behind,” lamented the Finn.

Following the penalty, Raikkonen finished a lap down from the leaders in 11th place, falling short of points at the time. However, due to the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel, who had finished second in his Aston Martin, Raikkonen moved up to tenth position and therefore to the points.

For his part, his teammate, Giovinazzi, had already received a reprimand on Saturday and a fine for two incidents. But the Italian was also sanctioned on Sunday.

During the race, Giovinazzi received a ten-second penalty for clearly exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane. Instead of the maximum allowed 80 km / h, the Italian was marked at 105.6 km / h and, therefore, was going 25.6 km / h more. Giovinazzi finished 14th, which became 13th after Vettel’s suspension.

“With the penalty after the restart, our race was more or less over,” admits Giovinazzi, explaining: “We were doing well when we were free. But since I was chasing other cars for most of the race, it’s hard to say how hard I was. it could have been our rhythm. “

Incidentally, the reason for Saturday’s € 5,000 fine was a scene very similar to the one that occurred around Raikkonen in the race. The incident occurred in the third practice when Giovinazzi exited the garage just as Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll was passing. A collision occurred that damaged the front wing of Giovinazzi’s C41. Alfa Romeo admitted the mistake, but could not avoid the fine.

Giovinazzi also received a warning in the third free practice session on Saturday. The reason was that, in the opinion of the race marshals, he had blocked Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri. The Frenchman was on a fast lap while Giovinazzi on an exit from the pits. At the exit of Turn 13, the penultimate of the circuit, he “got in the way” of Gasly, who was coming from behind, while he drove slowly. The reprimand was the first for Giovinazzi this season.

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