Rain of criticism of Rocío Monasterio for what she did when several people rebuked her on the street

Rocío Monasterio, in Lavapiés. (Photo: TWITTER / ROCÍO MONASTERIO)

The leader of Vox in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, has generated a huge controversy on Twitter after posting a video in which her reaction is seen when several people scold her while walking down the street.

The scene took place in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés. The leader of Abascal’s party was visiting the area when several people, sitting on the terrace of a bar, shouted “fascist”, “out of the neighborhood” and “I had to give you shame.”

At that moment, Monastery turned to them and approached to answer them. “Why should I be ashamed?” “Because this is a multiracial neighborhood. Because this is a neighborhood of diversity, and diversity bothers you. An anti-fascist, working-class neighborhood, ”they replied.

It was then that the Vox leader pronounced the phrase that has generated a huge controversy on Twitter: “You are very confused. I see you working, uh guys. Give it to work, give it ”.

“They have told me to leave Lavapiés because it is a working class neighborhood and I have not been able to resist,” Monasterio has written alongside the video.

The video has provoked numerous reactions, including that of Gabriel Rufián, ERC deputy in Congress, who has written: “This is what happens when you walk through Lavapiés as if they were your grandfather’s slave-owning sugar cane crops in Cuba. ”.

Here are other reactions to the video:

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