Rain can cheer up the 2021 Austrian F1 GP

I was saying Alonso, that if this weekend it does not rain in the Circuit of Spielberg, there are many numbers that the career of the Austrian F1 GP be a “repeat” of last week’s quote on this same track. Compared to a few days ago, there is only one major change: Pirelli It will wear its softest tire compound (C5), which is a different variable that could change things. However, the order of the grid from last weekend is not expected to be much different. The tire change will cause the soft to deteriorate further, but last weekend it was already seen that the degradation of this track is not very great. Yes, it could prevent the cars from making multiple attempts with the same soft rubber, modifying the qualifying fight in that regard, but as Alonso pointed out in the last Styrian GP, ​​this will only mean that the cars in the middle zone have to pass to Q3 with softs and the favorites can do it with the mids, something that with a soft compound that will degrade more, only generates greater differences between big and small in the race.

That, for one thing. But if the race is dry, don’t expect big changes in positions and long-run performance. For this, “something more extreme” is necessary, as pointed out Fernando, hoping that this weekend the Austrian GP would be in the wet. And for now, the rain forecasts are much stronger than last weekend.

At the Styrian GP, ​​water was expected for the three days, but ultimately the forecasts were not met. Although it is also true that the odds were much lower than this Sunday. And is that for the day of the race there is an 80% probability that it will rain and keep the water on the path Sipelberg throughout the test.

This will increase the excitement of a Grand Prix that without rain could be very similar to the previous one., and it can give options to cars that usually do not have a place in the first positions. In addition, the race can be a major chaos if, as the forecasts show, Friday and Saturday it doesn’t rain. It it will make the pilots have to hit the track on Sunday blind, without knowing the performance of his car on the track as he was unable to test in water. That assumption would not do more than add excitement to a date that could go from predictable to totally unpredictable. There they will be Sainz and Alonso to try to fish in troubled rivers in conditions where they can make a difference.

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