Rage Against the Machine releases documentary on racism

The group shared the video through YouTube. Photo: . | .

Since its inception as a group, Rage Against The Machine It has been distinguished by its strong lyrics against racism, fascism and capitalism. They have recently surprised their fans with the release of a new mini documentary, which has the title of “Killing In Thy Name”.

This would have been launched in conjunction with the international artistic collective « The Ummah Chroma”, Featuring a teacher who presents to a group of children an important lesson on the role that oppression has played throughout the history of the United States of America.

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“The following material is a document of real events. Our goal with this piece is to be a fictional fire escape known as ‘whiteness’ and a wellspring for discovery. Remember, children are always watching, ”says the beginning of the video.

Throughout the footage, it is used « Killing in The Name”, Theme of the group. « My mother is a white woman with a racial voice, » he says. Tom morello, guitarist of the band. « For three decades she was a progressive teacher at a conservative high school, inspiring students to challenge the system. »

In his actions and words he always taught that racism should never be ignored and should always be confronted.

Tim Commenford, bassist of the group, would ensure that writing songs whose themes address what happens in society was not really a choice for its members, who take it as a kind of obligation to take music as a weapon.

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Recently, Morello would have reflected on the naked protest that he and the other members of the band made during their presentation at the 1993 edition of the festival of Lollapalooza, which would have been taken on the occasion of censorship in the media.