Raff Law stars in Twist, HBO Latin America Movies’ first original film

Classic stories have been brought to the screen countless times, usually sticking to adaptations very similar to how we knew them on paper. A very distinguished case is that of the film adaptations of Oliver Twist, the emblematic novel by the English author Charles Dickens, which we saw in cinema in 1948 and in 2005 with the direction of Roman Polanski. But what would it be like to reimagine this well-known story and set it in modern London? We would have as a result Twist, the first original HBO LATIN AMERICA MOVIES movie.

Mix of action, graffiti, a great soundtrack and a lot of parkour, the film is also the Raff Law’s acting debut, the son of actor Jude Law, who by giving life to a teenager known as Twist, will take us to explore the streets of London after joining a gang of young people to carry out a dangerous mission. Additionally, the film also features performances by Michael Caine, Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), and singer Rita Ora.

In an interview, director Martin Owen described the film as « a celebration of London’s neighborhoods to the beat of 90s music. »

«The main obstacle of working on a story that adapts something that already exists can be disappointing when making a mistake, so we try to make it clear from the beginning that this is a remake and not a direct adaptation that maintains key elements and becomes a tribute to the original story with new touches that give it a great energetic personality, « says the director.

Martin Owen

Raff Law, for his part, shared how his process of personal preparation and training was for action scenes, especially parkour.

«Since I read the script I have been very moved by this reinterpretation, with whom many can identify and I was very excited to be part of this world (…) I was clear from the beginning that I wanted to maintain the essence and personal journey of the original character of Charles Dickens and for this I was inspired by many elements of real life and others very well known to me such as music, mainly. I gave Twist five personalities from which I took main inspiration in the music of bands like Rage Against the Machine.

According to the actor, the most intense part of his preparation was learning parkour and training physically. « It was incredible because I think that when Twist is jumping on the roof is when he feels most free. »

Twist premieres this Thursday, February 18 in theaters of Cinépolis in Mexico and Central America and is expected to soon arrive on HBO and HBO Go.

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