The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal He gave an interview to many journalists from a Zoom organized by Roland Garros, where he analyzed all the news that surrounds him and surprised many by stating that today he would not travel to New York to play the US Open, seeing how the situation is. right now in America. He also showed support for Federer for the unification of ATP and WTA in a single establishment.

-The current number two in the world at this time would not want to play in the US Open:

“If I am honest with you, at the moment I would not like to travel to New York to play a tennis tournament. In two months I do not know what my opinion would be, since the situation could change from one day to the next. I am totally sure that that all the staff organizing the tournament want the US Open to become a safe event, just like Roland Garros will be doing. I trust that everyone will make the right decisions at the right time. If they don’t guarantee us security The players, there is no point in playing. As the situation is in the world, we have to be responsible and set an example for all people. “

-Difficulty when organizing an event of these characteristics:

“It is not the same to prepare a tournament for six people than for 600 or 700, that we will surely be the ones who will be there. You have to think that in the facilities we will have players from the main draw and from the previous phase. I don’t know if We would all have a place in the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. “

-How does a tennis player prepare to be competitive again after a break of a couple of months?

“In recent years I have managed to play at a high level of tennis without the need to overload the schedule too much. The issue is to prepare properly. Will I be worried? All of us tennis players have been forced to make a break and I suppose we should all I am sure that with good training and organizing my schedule well, I will be competitive. “

-Ability to give up playing the US Open for being stuck with Roland Garros:

“I cannot imagine that two tournaments of that caliber are played so closely together. I am a person who does not try to predict what will happen, but rather tries to inform me well of everything that happens. If I had to decide at one point, I am sure that I would not I would do today. If by chance it reached that extreme, I will decide with my team. The decision I make will be the best for me, my health and my future. “

-The union of ATP and WTA as proposed by Roger Federer:

“I think it’s a great idea. Federer took the first step and published it on social media and I support him without a doubt. Working as a single organization would be much easier for everyone and everyone.”