Rafael Nadal thinks about Simone Biles decision mental health

When it comes to consistency over the years, mental toughness and the ability to overwhelm opponents with the power of the mind, one of the athletes that immediately comes to mind is Rafael Nadal. Spaniards have not been oblivious throughout his life to the emotional ups and downs that can affect us all so much on a personal and professional level, but he has had the ability to come out stronger from each stumbling block. They are legendary and some of the episodes in which the Balearic hit bottom before emerging again to glory thanks to his courage, intelligence and suitable environment. That is why there was great curiosity to know what he thinks about the preponderant role that awareness about mental health is reaching in sport, after what has been done by Simone biles in Tokyo.

“I respect her decision 100%. When you have been fighting your whole life to achieve your dreams, you may go through times when you don’t feel ready. Simone has achieved impressive things throughout her career and I am sure she will return to her best. But if at this moment she does not see herself prepared or with the ability to compete, why should she? “, argued the Spaniard, aware of Biles’ decision to compete in just one of the tests in which he was going to look for the medal at the olympic event. There are many athletes who have publicly supported the decision of the American and, surely, these words will be one more step in the necessary process of making the world see the difficulty of staying in the elite without affecting the emotional ups and downs.

Nadal gave an extensive interview to CBS that will be published tomorrow

Nadal is preparing the assault on the ATP 500 Washington 2021, in what is the first participation of his professional career in this tournament. The resignation of the Spanish to compete in Wimbledon 2021 and in Tokyo was due, in large part, to his need to take a break after the demanding tour on clay. The Spanish tennis player did not hide his enormous mental fatigue and the need to disconnect for a few weeks to be able to come back strong, and not experience a major crisis like the one he went through in 2019, a few months before being champion at Roland Garros. If anyone knows how to overcome adverse situations that is Rafael Nadalwhose obvious support for Simone Biles’ cause can continue to greatly help the sport.

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