Rafael Nadal talks semi-final options Roland Garros 2021

Demonstration of power performed by Rafael Nadal in a quarterfinal of Roland Garros 2021 that can elevate him to a level of confidence, something very necessary in the face of the tremendous challenge that he has ahead of him in the semifinals. The Balearic recognized in a press conference the good work of Diego schwartzman, which forced him greatly during a third set that could change the course of the meeting. It is so interesting to see how the Spaniard handles pressure on the field and avoids adverse situations, how to attend to the explanations given and how he internalizes everything that happens on the field.

Assessment of the match against Schwartzman

“I was able to win an important match against a very tough opponent, which gives me a lot of confidence. I faced a difficult situation, like that 4-3 in the third set. It was time to calm down, to think about the things I’ve been doing. Well a time in practice. There were moments in the second set that I played very short, but I am proud to have put out my best performance in a difficult moment. I managed to land a lot of winning shots, be aggressive and minimize mistakes. lose any set, I face the best in the world. You have to accept it and try to get back well after that. Today I was able to do it because I improved the rest, the serve worked well for me in the third set and I was able to hit with good angles with my drive “, he sentenced.

What your legendary data at Roland Garros 2021 implies

“The data is absolutely staggering, but I can’t think about it right now. We’ll talk about all those things when I finish my degree, now is the time to just be happy. I’m not the right person to talk about how difficult it can be. To win me on this track, it is an honor for me that wonders are said and that many consider that winning me here is one of the great challenges in the history of sport, but I cannot value it, “said the Spaniard.

Possibility of facing Novak Djokovic in the semifinals

“We will have to see how the game develops tonight, but if it happens to play against him we already know what can happen. It would be a very important game for both of us, but it is very different to be measured in the semifinals than in a final. Whoever wins must continue with maximum concentration, so there is a lot of work to be done here. I’m going to watch the game tonight, it will be interesting, “he said before addressing how he can change seeing faces in the semifinals.

“Playing against Novak you need to do your best tennis, but knowing that you are competing against him to get into the final changes a lot the mental preparation, because you can beat him and be very happy, but then you have to continue. What changes the most is the after the match, not so much the before. A final is always more special than a semifinal, and it is because that is what the ranking indicates and the draw has wanted it. There are two who have been better than me in the last year and there are we have to accept it, but we have to maintain respect for Berrettini, “he commented Rafael Nadal, which is already preparing for the semifinals of Roland Garros 2021.

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