The figure of Rafael Nadal It transcends sport. The Balearic Islands have become a social benchmark and all their words are viewed through a magnifying glass by a polarized society and that not even a major crisis such as that caused by the coronavirus It has managed to unite and reduce tension. If there is someone admired by the vast majority and capable of bringing together people of opposite profile, it is Nadal; So much so, that some dates ago an initiative claimed him as minister, while the current ATP number 2 He does not shy away from ruling on the political situation, but he is aware that he cannot give his opinion openly because, unfortunately, it would be misrepresented and distorted. Given this panorama, tennis and political reflections of NadaHe in ElPaisSemanal has no waste.

05/21/2020 11:05
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– How would you like the future to be. Nadal has commented on more than one occasion about his outgoing and affectionate nature, which is why he longs for physical contact and a new normality that does not differ much from the one before the pandemic. “I would like to see the stadiums full again soon, hugging people, sharing. We cannot settle for complying with the measures of social distancing forever,” says the Balearic player.

– Opinion on the Tennis Aid Fund. “As a member of the Players Council that I am, I believe that we have the responsibility to help make the sport viable and that the tennis players who are having the worst of it can survive. It is not only an aid for players, but for the entire world of tennis. In adverse situations you have to think about those who are worse, “said a Nadal who seems to have personally participated in an initiative that many tennis players have erased, considering that they should not contribute money out of pocket to mitigate the suffering of other players.

– Attitude towards the political situation. “My opinions are very clear to me, but I cannot speak clearly because what I say will be interpreted as a political issue. I do not care which party or which person does it well, all I want is for things to be solved in the best possible way. In such a sensitive moment, everything becomes too politicized and a very complicated future is coming in which, I think, we will need the best, not politicians who act to win the next elections, “reflects Rafael Nadal in a few words that will hold great resonance.