Uncertainty, hope, conflicting news, optimism, unease … The world of tennis is experiencing a tidal wave of contradictory sensations that are concatenated at the speed of light and are based only on rumors, on forecasts that lack official confirmation. The tennis calendar in this 2020 It is a real chaos, there is nothing established and all the protagonists live pending the decisions that can be made based on the evolution of the coronavirus. Rafael Nadal He has expressed on more than one occasion his desire to return to training, but not so much his predisposition to compete since he sees it very difficult for a global sport such as tennis to develop normally.

The drastic measures that came to light a few hours ago around which the US Open 2020, have put many players and protagonists of the circuit on the warpath, who do not see with favor the distortion of an event such as a Grand Slam in that way, simply by taking it forward as it may. In an interview for the television program Stade 2, Nadal spoke of his physical condition, but also of other aspects of notable interest.

This will be the US Open 2020 ... if it is held

05/31/2020 10:05

Without an audience, daily temperature controls or best of three sets matches are some of the measures that would be taken for the event to unfold.

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“The situation is still very complicated, it affects us all and the most important thing is to stay positive. I am fine, I have been almost two months without leaving home, but fortunately, I have facilities that allow me to keep fit and now I have already two weeks training. The main thing is to go little by little, avoid injuries and be prepared for when we can return to compete. ” That is the question. When will you be able to play a great tournament again? The end of August could be the date, while others are already looking at a pseudo clay tour that had Roland Garros 2020 as a highlight in late September.

It is impossible to think of the Parisian tournament without the presence of Nadal, but what does the Balearic think? “I think we should look to the future with caution and being clear that it is essential to preserve the health of the players and of all the personnel who work on the circuit. I perceive a lot of uncertainty and I believe that appropriate measures must be taken from the health point of view If the conditions exist so that we can all compete with the same possibilities, if any player from any area of ​​the world can attend, I will be there, “declared a Rafael Nadal very committed and responsible throughout this health crisis.