After numerous faces of the sport such as Roger Federer, Simona Halep, Ana Ivanovic or Bianca Andreescu decided to support numerous associations to fight the coronavirus with money, it was a matter of time that a person like Rafael Nadal do the same through their social networks. This morning, the Balearic Islands issued a statement in which he communicated to the whole world that both he and his friend Pau Gasol have joined the Red Cross Responde association, where he hopes to collect almost 11 million euros.

The current number two in the world was very sad about the situation that Spain and the whole world is going through at the moment, giving a message of encouragement to everyone at home: “Hello everyone. Like all of you, I am still at home and the truth is that we are in a moment that is difficult to explain and unimaginable several months ago. We are suffering the impact of this pandemic that has changed our lives for all. Especially those people who They have experienced this disease in the first person or through a family member. They are sad and complicated moments, living at home and continuously following some news that at the moment are not very encouraging. Despite this, we have to do our best and continue to be strong. We are going to win this battle against the virus. “

Rafa acknowledges that he has spent several days at home thinking what he could do to collaborate: “Honestly, I have been thinking at home for days about how I can help or contribute in this situation that, as I say, is very bad for everyone. After giving it a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that you, the Spanish, have never failed us and have supported us in the happy moments and also the complicated ones. You have had understanding in bad moments and you have celebrated with us our joys. I think that athletes are who we are thanks to your support and now is the time for us not to fail you “.

The Balearic Islands incites all Spanish athletes to join the cause: “It occurred to me to call my friend Pau and together we have decided that it is time to start this initiative where we trust that all Spanish sports will come together and set a good example of unity. We have decided to associate ourselves with the Red Cross Respond project, where we will supply of medical supplies, hospital infrastructures, helping vulnerable family members and creating accommodation for special groups that need them. The goal is to get eleven million euros, to help just over a million people. Much encouragement to all!