Rafael Nadal He has time for everything … until his 34th birthday. Taking advantage of the current situation, without tennis in between, without Roland Garros to dispute in sight, Rafa decided to give himself the luxury of answering through a conference the questions that the boys and girls participating in his projects Foundation they wanted to do to him. The result was mixed and positive, with some very interesting topics … and even surprising.

– On what you do not to get bored: “During the quarantine I have tried to be informed of everything, to read, to be aware of the boys from the Academy … I have also had fun at some point playing video games, and of course my physical exercises at home so as not to lose shape.”

– About who has accompanied this confinement: “Yes, I have been with my wife these days of confinement. I think we have never been together for so long, since I always go around the world and travel to play, but this time we have had to be here at home. The truth is a new experience, although it has been very sad to see all the people who are suffering so much. I try to be positive within the gravity of the situation. “

– Motivations during quarantine: “Like everyone: there have been more difficult times, others better, but I keep the illusion for what I do. Keep my body active, an optimal physical state so that when I can play again my body is prepared for it. During this confinement I will What I have been able to do are physical exercises at home, we could not move under any circumstances and I was lucky to have some machinery brought to me from the Academia Gymnasium and to be able to do my daily work. “

– Friends in tennis: “Luckily, over the years on the circuit I have been able to make many and very good friends. I think that is one of the best things that I take with me from this sport, having met so many people from all over the world, being able to catch the phone, call and meet them in the future. From tennis I have many good friends.

– Routines before the matches: “I always have my routines and I repeat them every day that I have to play. Not because I play a game more important than another, it changes my routine. I try to do things quite similarly; not always the same, but well, relatively similarly “

– Would you think it would go that far ?: “No, I never thought about getting to where I have come and getting what I have achieved. But I tried hard every day, enjoying every training session and every game since I was little and things evolved in a very good way. That process has allowed me fulfill one of my dreams: to be a professional tennis player. “

– Preferences for a possible schedule and return of tennis: “Hopefully we will come back. I find it difficult because there are so many unknowns, but I am confident that it will improve and we can play again in 2020. We will see what happens, right now what you have to have is patience and responsibility with all the decisions that are going to be made. take. I think a very compressed schedule to recover everything lost would not be good. We come from a long period of time standing, doing that would greatly increase the risk of injury and that is not good. “

– What is your favorite animal ?: “Well, I would say that the dolphin. It is an animal that makes you very happy, when it is in the sea, you see it smiling and yes, when you are sailing in the sea and you see a dolphin it always produces happiness.”

– About the Rafa Nadal Foundation: “It means great satisfaction to have the possibility of helping people who need it. Second, I am looking forward to giving something back to society and helping society to be better in the future, contributing our grain of sand from the Foundation is a satisfaction We work non-stop to reach more and more people. “