Rafael Gottenger: It is premature to eliminate the use of the mask in the United States.

May 17, 2021 May 17, 2021


In an interview for the program Say it Here with the Community, by José Pernalete, the doctor Rafael Gottenger, President of VAMA, affirmed that it is premature to eliminate the use of masks in the United States.

“What the CDC said is a bit premature (…) to achieve herd immunity we need to have 80% of the population vaccinated and we still do not have 50% of the population vaccinated (…) We must continue to protect ourselves against the Covid-19 with the mask and social distancing (…) the vaccine gives you protection and prevents the disease from severely or dying from it, but it does not prevent you from getting sick, if we are all used to wearing the mask, no I see the reason why rush to say that the mask is not used, it is advisable to wait a little longer, we are fine but we have to hope to be better ”he said.

In the opinion of the expert, the mask is a fundamental tool to fight against Covid-19, the use is what will really help us prevent.

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